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5 Signs Your Car Has Old Window Tint

Window tints are designed to provide your vehicle with improved sun protection and aesthetics. However, the presence of cracks, chips, or discoloration may ruin your ride’s aesthetics and detract the comfort of your otherwise gorgeous vehicle.

The tint’s longevity may depend on various factors including film quality, excessive sunlight, quality of adhesives used, or the cleaner type you normally use.

All tints tire and wear over time regardless of the quality, and eventually require replacement. So, how can you tell it’s time to replace your car’s window tints? Here are some signs of aging window tint to look out for:


One of the earliest signs that your car tint is aging is the presence of air bubbles and bulges in between the glass window and the film. Bubbling may in the long run lead to more problems and you should replace the tint as soon as you can.

The presence of huge bubbles is a major red flag. However, small bubbles can also result in distortion. Low-quality tint is known to lead to the formation of bubbles as early as six months after installation because the adhesives start to break down prematurely. So, to lower the risk of bubbles make sure that you install a high-quality tint.


Another big sign of aging car tint is a significant change in color. Due to the effects of the sun, your dark car tint may begin to fade out over time and lose its original shade. Change in color may also happen at an uneven rate, resulting in formation of dark and light patches all over the glass’ surface.

While all tints fade over time, higher quality films are known to retain their original color longer. Premium tints are available in a wide range of shades, and any discoloration is an indication of excessive sun damage.

If you notice any change in color of your tint, it’s advisable that you seek replacement services to keep your car comfortable and protect your privacy.


While all types of tints wear and tear over time, they also tend to peel as the adhesives used start to lose grip. A newly installed window tint typically lies flush against the glass surface and with time you may notice the tint peeling away on the corners and edges. This may lead to screeching sounds when you’re rolling the windows up and down or even unsightly appearance on your car’s exterior.

Once your tint begins to curl and peel, the best viable option is to replace it with a new one and ensuring you use high-quality adhesives.


Another major sin of aging window tint is the presence of scratches and scrapes on the tint surface. Even the toughest window tint is prone to wear and tear over a long period of usage.

Minor scratches and scrapes often result in only unsightly appearance, but bigger gouges can extend and significantly impact the effectiveness of adhesives between your auto glass and window tint.

Carrying large items such as bicycles, skis, or even large boxes in your car can all lead to rapid degradation of your window’s aesthetics. That’s why it’s essential to take special care to protect the tint as well as the glass.


The main reason for tinting your car windows is to protect your car’s interior against the harmful sun rays as well as the heat. In case you realize that the sun’s rays are beating down into your auto’s interior, this is a great indication your window tint is starting to age.

After years of usage, you may also notice temperatures in your car soaring even with the AC on during the summer. This can also be a sign your tint is losing its heat-blocking properties due to aging. The best way to improve your auto’s solar protection is by replacing your old window tint with a new tint.

Are you looking to replace your aging auto window tint? Contact us today and we’ll help improve the comfort and privacy of your car with a high-quality film.

Newbury Park Man Takes Third Place in International Paint Protection Film Competition

Indianapolis, Indiana—Tyler O’Hara of American Wrap Company in Newbury Park, Calif., won the bronze medal in the International Window Film Tint-OffTM – Paint Protection Film Division, held on September 4- 6, 2019 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. O’Hara was awarded a $500 cash prize and bronze medal.

O’Hara competed against installers from around the world with varying skill and years’ experience in a fast-paced competition. Competitors applied film to a vehicle’s hood, fenders and mirrors in the preliminary heats and to a bumper in the finals.

O’Hara, 29, is the CEO of American Wrap Company in Newbury Park, Calif., with 12 years of experience in the industry. He has competed with the event for five years. He is also the 2015 silver medalist, 2016 gold medalist, 2017 silver medalist and the 2018 gold medalist.

“Tyler is a great competitor and has been on the awards stage each year he has competed each year that he has competed with the International Window Film Conference and Tint-OffTM. He is highly skilled and passionate about his trade,” says Tricia Lopez, competition coordinator. “Tyler competes each year to see where he stacks up against the best in the industry and he has proved that he is part of the top competitors to beat year after year.”

The worldwide competition was part of the 2019 International Window Film Conference and Tint-OffTM held September 4-6, 2019, at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indiana. The event is sponsored by WINDOW FILM magazine and Paint Protection Film (PPFmag) magazine.

For more information, visit Photos and video clips available.

Ali Farrokh, MD, FCCP

I was so excited when I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 and the first thing I did is take my car to one of the big-name places with all the videos and hype and wanted my black car’s paint corrected and then fully wrapped with XPEL ultimate. I also wanted the really cool chrome delete. I was told that the way the paint is it can’t be fixed to the level I expected and that once the car is wrapped that I need to examine it from a couple of feet and not up close. Needless to say, nothing went as I planned or envisioned. I sought out a local well-respected detailer, Mitch Sison. I was hoping a ceramic coating would make the car look better. I have to say Mitch was amazing! As soon as he saw my car, he commented that the wrap looked defective but he wasn’t sure. He told me he was going to call an expert at car wrapping, Tyler Ohara, for his opinion. Tyler immediately noticed that both the film and installation was substandard and defective. What happened next left me speechless. Both Mitch and Tyler, sought help from XPEL and through the product’s warranty were able to redo my entire car including treating the paint, wrapping the entire car, re-doing the chrome delete, and applying ceramic coating. My car is now everything that I had hoped it would be. The level of detail, care, and expertise that went into my car truly made me realize the difference between amateurs and professionals. I can now honestly say that both Mitch and Tyler are friends and have a customer for life. I would recommend these guys without reservation to anyone. You can’t go wrong!

Melissa Campagnoni

On July 3, 18, I picked up my Tesla Model 3, super excited and could t wait to get 3M window tint, 19” tires and new rims and full PPF wrap completed on the car. My first stop for modifications was wheels and window tint – which was a bad idea! During the tinting process, my car was scratched, which resulted in going to the Tesla repair shop. So, fast forward two weeks, and I finally have my car back.

I was introduced to Tyler through Matt at Dripping Wet Detailing. I was in contact with Tyler during this devastating event, he was understanding and we stayed in touch during the whole process – he even met me at the repair shop to give his input on the paint repair. He answered all my questions about PPF and what would be best for my car. From the moment I met Tyler, I knew right away he would take care of my car.

After three days, Tyler returned my beautiful Dolores to me – fully protected with XPEL PPF, chrome delete. The ceramic coating and full detail were done by Matt.

These guys are legit and knowledgeable in their respected crafts. They treat your vehicle like it is their own and are willing to share with you what they have learned and I highly recommend!!!

Melissa Campagnoni
Camarillo, CA