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Why Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film?

Nowadays there are many choices on the market for paint protection film. In fact, most people assume that it must be a 3m product. We’ve heard it a hundred times “is that a 3m owned product?”. We as installers have the choice to use whatever Paint Protection Film we feel is best for our customers. On today’s market, PPF is almost becoming a dime a dozen just like window tint. It seems like every manufacturer is jumping on board to try and penetrate the PPF market. There’s Avery Dennison, Durashield, S-Tek, Suntek, Lumar, 3M, Premium Shield, Solar Guard, Madico, Hexis Body Shield and of course XPEL.

There Are So Many Choice for PPF, Why Choose XPEL?

We feel out of the main choices for PPF manufactures XPEL really stands out above and beyond. Lets first talk about the warranty. XPEL’s company is built on customer support. They truly stand behind their product with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. The claims process is very streamlined and easy to handle through their main office phone number. The warranty is good from coast to coast in the USA! It’s as simple as opening a claim, removing the old film, sending it back in a box, receiving credit, and installing new film! They truly stand behind the film 100%!

XPEL’s Self-Healing Clear Coat

Even though the warranty is so amazing, we can assure you that you won’t need to use it because the film has a self-healing clear coat! That’s right, this stuff actually heals fine swirl scratches on its own! XPEL was the first PPF manufacturer to integrate a self-healing top coat into their film. The first rendition was XPEL Ultimate. This version launched somewhere around 2010. Since then it has been refined and tweaked many times all leading up to what we have today, XPEL Ultimate Plus! XPEL Ultimate Plus is hands down the best paint protection film we have ever touched. From its ease of installation, minimal texture topcoat, clarity, great adhesion for deep tucks and wraps, hydrophobic topcoat and self-healing its a knockout combo! The self-healing also gives the film extreme UV resistance so that it will not yellow. Finally, self-healing provides industry-leading chemical resistance. I have yet to find a chemical that will hurt XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF, including carb cleaner, lacquer thinner, brake cleaner, even brake fluid didn’t hurt it! If you truly want to protect your investment, do it with XPEL and American Wrap Co!

XPEL’s Customer Support

Customer support now days seems to be completely hit or miss. companies either have great customer support or its nonexistent. XPEL has amazing customer support! It’s as simple as calling the 1-800 number and every person is completely knowledgable and able to help you with many things. As a small business, the amount of support they give us is incredible! It’s truly like having a full team of employees at our service! The other great thing about XPEL’s customer service is that you always get to speak with a living, breathing representative! No annoying automated menus! They even have an after-hours 24hr support line for any technical help we may need! Here at American Wrap Co we can’t say enough good about XPEL’s customer service and help! In our 10 years in this industry, we have never received better service from any other manufacturer!

American Wrap Company Uses Only the Best

So, in conclusion, we truly feel that XPEL Ultimate Plus is the ultimate winner out of all the PPF manufacturers available today. From industry-leading warranties, customer support and product development we feel that XPEL is the best PPF on the market. This is why here at American Wrap Co we exclusively install XPEL! Let’s get your new vehicle in Ventura County protected today!

Thank you!

Tyler O’Hara- Owner of American Wrap Co

Paint Protection Film: Is it Worth It?

By now I’m sure many of you may be wondering whether or not you need paint protection film in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. I know paint protection film can seem a little expensive especially after you just bought your new car. Trust me though, PPF is worth every penny!

Why is Paint Protection Film Worth the Investment?

The last thing you want to see happen to your new baby is for it to get rock chips and scratches! It doesn’t matter if its a daily driver, a work truck or a weekend canyon runner! Every car is deserving of paint protection film. Our daily drivers are on the front line battle with rock chips every day! Ventura and Los Angeles counties are always doing road work and construction. That means there are more big semi-trucks out and about dropping gravel and debris onto the roadways! Then as your driving down the street the car in front of you is picking up all the debris with its tires and sending it straight at the front of your car! All of this leading to your car getting blasted with rock-chips!

Is Paint Protection Film Only for Luxury Cars?

Don’t think the “work truck” you just spent over 50k$ on isn’t worthy of PPF either! Whether is a construction truck with a tool bed or just a regular pick up truck to go to and from job sites. The chances are areas on the truck that will take damage PPF could stop from happening.

Of course, we all know the Malibu mountains, the Angeles crest highway, Mullhuland Snake, and many more local roads are go to spots for local drivers. All of these canyons have steep mountain sides that constantly drop debris onto the roads. The last thing you want is to be ripping through the canyons with a group of cars, come around a corner and see a gravel patch in the road! The car in front of you will send debris into the nose of your car and as you drive through the debris will fling into the side of your car! All of this causing paint damage and scratches that paint protection film would prevent!

The Unique Problems in Ventura County & Los Angeles

Ventura County and Los Angeles County are growing rapidly every year! More infrastructure and construction are causing our roads and highways to be littered with more and more debris! All of this debris equates to a very high potential for rock chips even time you drive your car! Call us today and let’s get your new car or your low mileage certified pre-owned car in for a paint protection film installation!


Thank you!


Clearly Passionate

World's best paint protection installer Tyler O'Hara working diligently on this white Hyundai

Good evening everyone! It’s Sunday July 15 2018. Tonight I wanted to write a few paragraphs about why I do what I do and how I think a lot of people in this industry are in it for the wrong reasons! I truly love working on cars. I came out of high school knowing I wanted to work on cars. Although I had no clue in what direction I wanted to go with that. I had originally entertained the idea of going to a wyotech or UTI tech school. Looking back I’m sure glad I didn’t, especially after seeing what automotive techs go through!

Long and the short installing clear bra fell into my lap thanks to my mom. I moved back to Thousand Oaks Ca and spent the next 9 years and 10 months of my life working for another shop.

Starting My Own Paint Protection Film Company

In 2018, as I’ve stated, I left the other place and started my own company doing clear bra paint protection film in Thousand Oaks CA. American Wrap Co was born. With the birth of my own company, I have the intention of trying to break the mold for the automotive wrap industry. I feel the majority of people in this industry may not wholeheartedly love it. I on the other hand truly love installing Paint Protection Film. There is almost nothing more gratifying to me than doing work on a very picky customers car and blowing them away with how clean the install is! I am truly passionate about laying film as cleanly as I can. Whether its on a Honda Civic or a Bugatti Veyron I treat every car the same every step of my process does not differ.

Installing Clear Bra Professionally takes More than a Certificate

World's Best Paint Protection Installer Tyler O'HaraI know there are people in this industry that come to it for the money or they start off doing other little things with cars like stereos, modifications, and upgrades. Then they see film being laid and think its soooo easy and that you can make a boatload of money. They go to a few day training course with one of the big manufactures XPEL, Suntek or 3M. They get the little certificate, throw in some video studies from youtube and all of a sudden they’re a pro-ready to install. Let me tell you what…. I wish it was that simple.

Again, a lot of these guys, not all, but most only started on the journey for the money. If your installer is only in it for the money I can tell you first hand they aren’t the right man for the job. I have personally seen countless installs botched up by people who didn’t care. That only gives the industry as a whole a horrible look!

This isn’t just a thing you learn over a week of training. I have personally trained over 10 men to install clear bra. One of which is now as good as myself and I have a lot of respect for his skill level! Each person I fully trained had over A FULL YEAR with me and spent multiple days a week with me!

How to Be Successful in the Car Wrap Industry

Point to my whole rant is that to be successful in the wrap industry you have to love it! You have to know in your mind that this is something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life! This is not a get rich quick thing you’re slapping on peoples paint. I’ve heard it compared by customers to an art form, having the hands of a surgeon, controlled chaos, seeing things before they happen and the skill of a rocket scientist! Their words, not mine!

Every day I think about 2 things. The first is the paint protection film competitions I compete in every year in September and February. The second is laying my days film as absolutely perfect as I can get it.

In conclusion guys, I am in this business for the long haul! For many many years to come, you can look for the name Tyler O’Hara associated with the Paint Protection Film industry! I truly love serving my customers, protecting their new cars, informing and educating customers, and making people happy along the way! I am here to help you and serve you!

I love laying this crazy clear film called Clear Bra/ Paint Protection Film on cars!

“clearly passionate”


Tyler O’Hara #wrapgod

Who is American Wrap Co? An Introduction

First I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog! You may be wondering who we are. I’d like to take some time to introduce myself. My name is Tyler O’Hara and I am the owner of American Wrap Co LLC. I formed the company in 2018 as a total start-up business. For almost 10 years I worked for other people in the wrap industry. We had many great times but I felt it was time to step up and form my own company! In 2018 American Wrap CO LLC was born!

How Tyler O’Hara Became Obsessed with Cars

As a small kid and early teenager born in Thousand Oaks, CA I can remember always watching “Monster Garage”, “American Chopper”, and anything with Chip Foose. As early as grade school I recall knowing I wanted to work on cars. Once I got to Quartz Hill High School in Lancaster California and was able to take an Industrial Tech and Auto Shop class my desire to work on cars was solidified! I was raised to be very humble and hard-working. I don’t come from a family with a lot of money, I don’t have investors with deep pockets, there’s no smoke and mirrors here at American Wrap CO. Just hard work, good service and the insatiable desire to be the worlds best paint protection film installer.

In 2008 I Started Wrapping Cars and For the Past 10 Years It’s Been an Incredible Journey.

My journey has taken me from coast to coast competing against other installers from around the world. I have wrapped thousands of cars in Southern California, more specifically my home town of Thousand Oaks and surrounding cities Ventura, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, and Westlake Village.

I am a true believer in having integrity as a person and business owner. I believe there’s still something to be said for a man willing to put in a hard days work! Honesty, Integrity, not being greedy, and having the utmost respect for people and possessions are some qualities I hold very close to my heart!

With that said I want to thank you for taking the time to read this!

I will be doing weekly blogs about anything and everything!

Stay Tuned!