Vinyl Wrap and More


We’ve got all your restyling needs covered!

From full car color changes, to chrome deletes, racing stripes, two tones or accents we will get your ride looking sharp.

​There is something so good looking about a brand new car with a color change on certain panels like the roof we did on a Subaru WRX.

​Maybe you’re after something more aggressive? No problem! We can lay down some custom racing stripes in the color of your choosing and give your muscle car an edgy new look. This has become very popular with Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Charger/Challenger owners.

Vinyl Wrap on Mustang


  • Restyle then remove
  • Removes clean with little residue

Subtle or non-subtle custom looks

  • Add cool designs or Embossed looks
  • Personalize your ride

Superior vinyl used

  • Avery Dennison SW900
  • 3M 1080

Business Marketing

  • Advertisement wrap
  • Business logos

Lifetime Warranty on workmanship


Get in touch with our team today and give your vehicle the American Wrap Company experience.


    Let us transform the look of your car with a full chrome delete.

    Chrome Deletes have really gained a lot popularity especially with Tesla owners! Most Tesla owners have been leaning towards satin and gloss black for their color choice but of course, the choice is yours to make!

    Chrome was cool in the 1970s but on today’s modern cars it looks outdated and old fashioned. Tesla chrome deletes are a really cool way to customize your new Tesla model 3, model X or model S.

    Vinyl Wrap Frequently Asked Questions

    What is vinyl wrap?

    Vinyl wrap is simply that, a vinyl material with an adhesive back used to change the color of a car or add style to it.

    How much does a vinyl wrap cost?

    Vinyl wraps range from a few hundred for a stripe job or accent panels to a few thousand for a full color change.

    How long does it take to get my car wrapped?

    It depends on the scope of the work. A black roof, for example, takes 2-3 hours where as a full car color change can take over a week in some cases.

    Is it cheaper to get a car wrapped or painted?

    It just depends on the quality of the paint job. A cheap paint job will look cheap and probably won’t be flawless but it won’t cost as much as a quality vinyl wrap.

    How long does vinyl wrap last on a car?

    Unlike PPF (paint protection film) vinyls major pitfall is that it only has a projected life span of 2 years.

    Does vinyl wrap protect paint?

    No, vinyl is 2mils thick and does not have very good puncture resistance. It will stop topical damage like swirling but physical damage will not be prevented with only vinyl.

    Do car wraps damage the paint?

    Most cast vinyl material will not damage the car’s paint. However, printed vinyl wraps can bleed ink into the clear coat if they are left on longer than their life span.

    Where can I get racing stripes put on my car?

    You can have any style stripe you can dream up installed at American Wrap Co!

    How wide are racing stripes?

    Stripes can be any width you want them to be!

    What do fender stripes mean?

    Fender stripes or “hash marks” have become very popular on Corvettes and new pony cars like Mustangs, Camaro and Challengers.

    What is a decal on a car?

    This can be anything from a custom sticker to a custom design or logo.

    What are vinyl graphics?

    Graphics are a larger scale decal or design used to display a logo, business name or images.

    Are car decals/stickers removable

    Yes, just like vinyl wraps you can remove them, just dont leave them on paint for longer than their projected life span. A safe life span for any vinyl is 2 years.

    Are vehicle wraps removable? Or are they permanent?

    They are removable, but if you let it go too long past its life span it can become a major pain in the butt to remove. Usually coming off in tiny pieces.

    What is the best car wrap material?

    There are many vinyl manufactures. They all have very similar qualities and life spans. We use 3m, Avery Dennison, KPMF, Oracal and Hexis.

    Can I vinyl wrap my own car?

    It’s possible to do small pieces on your own with enough patience, but full car wraps are very tedious and require a lot of skill.

    How many square feet does it take to wrap a car?

    Average cars require about 250 sq feet of material. Trucks and larger vehicles can top 350 sq feet very quickly.

    How to apply vinyl wrap to curves?

    This is where years of skill and practice come into play!

    Can I clear coat vinyl wrap?

    Yes, we can stack PPF (paint protection film) on top of vinyl and that is the one way to make vinyl last for years and years. Ceramic coating vinyl also helps give it a lot more durability but doesn’t increase the life span exponentially.

    What are racing stripes on car?

    Racing stripes originated in the 60s on pony cars. They are a cool way to add a unique look to your ride.

    How long does it take to get car stripes?

    Striping a car takes half a day to a full day on most cars.

    What are rally stripes?

    A traditional “rally stripe” is a dual stripe that goes from the front to the back of the car.

    What is pin-striping for a car?

    Pin-striping is an old school touch that adds a unique look. Usually these are hand painted on the car and is a series of 1/8 inch thin lines coming together to create a unique one of a kind look.

    How much does it cost to get decals on a car?

    It totally depends on the complexity of the design and how long the install will take.

    How do you get a car sticker?

    There are many stickers available from OEM manufactures and aftermarket makers.

    Are vinyl stickers reusable?

    No, they are always a one time use. Upon removal they are destroyed.