Ali Farrokh, MD, FCCP

I was so excited when I took delivery of my Tesla Model 3 and the first thing I did is take my car to one of the big-name places with all the videos and hype and wanted my black car’s paint corrected and then fully wrapped with XPEL ultimate. I also wanted the really cool chrome delete. I was told that the way the paint is it can’t be fixed to the level I expected and that once the car is wrapped that I need to examine it from a couple of feet and not up close. Needless to say, nothing went as I planned or envisioned. I sought out a local well-respected detailer, Mitch Sison. I was hoping a ceramic coating would make the car look better. I have to say Mitch was amazing! As soon as he saw my car, he commented that the wrap looked defective but he wasn’t sure. He told me he was going to call an expert at car wrapping, Tyler Ohara, for his opinion. Tyler immediately noticed that both the film and installation was substandard and defective. What happened next left me speechless. Both Mitch and Tyler, sought help from XPEL and through the product’s warranty were able to redo my entire car including treating the paint, wrapping the entire car, re-doing the chrome delete, and applying ceramic coating. My car is now everything that I had hoped it would be. The level of detail, care, and expertise that went into my car truly made me realize the difference between amateurs and professionals. I can now honestly say that both Mitch and Tyler are friends and have a customer for life. I would recommend these guys without reservation to anyone. You can’t go wrong!