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On the street, or at the track, Porsche’s are some of the most recognizable vehicles worldwide. The classic silhouette of the 911 has remained practically unchanged since its inception in 1963. A few incremental improvements and styling tweaks throughout the years continue to draw the attention of its owners.

Regardless of the use you give our Porsche, complete protection of such an iconic vehicle demands the highest quality products. Our line of XPEL Paint Protection Films (PPF), ceramic coating, and XPEL Prime window tint provide all of the necessary bumper to bumper protection that your Porsche requires. 

Our complete list of Porsche specific services is detailed below. Check out the frequently asked questions on PPF Levels and then scroll down to see our latest work on Porsche automobiles.




Benefits of XPEL (PPF) include:

  • Self-healing from small scratches and rock chips
  • Resists chemical stains
  • Water spot protection 
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Helps retain vehicle resale value
  • Maintains paint quality over the long period of time

Porsches are built to perform. Taking them to the track is almost a given. This means exposing your Porsche to some harmful environments.  Protect it with our product line of XPEL Paint Protection Films (PPF).

XPEL’s high quality, transparent, ultra-thick, self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film is designed to protect the most advanced automotive finishes and other surfaces from the harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion.

blue tesla beginning ppf install


The latest, and eight generation 911, known by the internal designation 992, has been equipped with Porsche’s newest paint and clear coat technology. Add a layer of protection to this technology with ceramic coating. XPEL’s FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating has been purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) and painted surfaces. It offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

Say goodbye to:

  • Water spots & stains – Ceramic Coating will bead and repel water, oils, and corrosives.
  • Weekly Car Washes – Thanks to the slick, non-stick surface of Ceramic Coating, keeping your vehicle looking its best means less washing, detailing, and frequent polishing.
  • Plain “Daily Driver” look – Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your vehicle
red porsche with gt3 rs accent wrap


Give your Porsche a unique look. Our complete vehicle wraps and racing stripes can dramatically change your vehicle’s appearance.

  • A unique look that is completely removable 
  • Protects the factory paint from the elements
  • Get that change of color you have been looking for
black porsche with green and silver stripes


A thin layer of XPEL Prime series window tint offers privacy and protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It also protects your interior from up to 96% of infrared transferable heat. We offer two levels of window film, both of which come with XPEL’s industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Our XPEL Prime XR Plus ceramic window tinting will help keep your Porsche’s interior from fading and it will help it stay up to 60% cooler to the touch on a hot day.. It will also help reduce glare while protecting your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

It is important not to forget about your vehicle’s windshield. On track, during a canyon run, or simply on a congested city highway, your windshield is exposed to the most harmful effects of road debris. Protect it with ClearPlex. ClearPlex protects your windshield from rock impact without distortion.

LA's #1 XPEL installer Tyler O'Hara working hard on this beautiful Tesla.


Frequently Asked

What Paint Protection Film Level should I get for my Porsche?

Porsche models, especially 911 Carreras, Boxsters, and Caymans are very low and wide. Their low noses have a very high chance of taking excessive rock chips head on and their wide bodies and wide quarter panel hips lead to a ton of rock chips on the side of the car. These are reasons why our most popular packages on a Porsche is usually Level 3 or Level 4. 

On Full Body Wrap (Level 4) packages we always wrap the door sills to ensure people’s feet don’t scratch them.

Another very common combo is a level 3 full front and then ceramic coating the back half of the car. But ultimately wrapping the whole car in PPF is the best long term prevention to paint damage. 

What about this Ceramic coating? How does that help?

Ceramic coating on a Porsche is definitely becoming more popular. Ceramic coating over the film on a Level 4 full body wraps make the film very hydrophobic thus making it easier to wash and dry the car. 

What else can I do to customize my Porsche?

Because there isn’t much you can do to a Porsche in the realm of bolt on engine mods a lot of people turn to aesthetic modifications such as racing stripes, window tint, and powder coating wheels.  These processes can take a while but in the end the customer gets a very cool unique look. 

Another great area to cover on Porsches is the windshield in ClearPlex! This is an exterior windshield film that prevents the windshield from cracking or pitting. Porsches have antennas in the windshield and that makes the windshield very expensive to replace. Installing ClearPlex is a great way to insure that you won’t have to break the bank to replace a cracked windshield.

All these services can be performed by American Wrap Co to protect AND make your Porsche standout from all the others.




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