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The ultimate in design, engineering, and performance. Words commonly used to describe the Chevrolet Corvette. The latest technology in composites and materials make the Corvette one of the most unique automobiles in the market.  

Corvette owners demand the absolute best when it comes to protecting their vehicles. Our line of XPEL Paint Protection Films (PPF), ceramic coating, and XPEL Prime window tint provide all of the necessary protection the Corvette requires. 

Our expert installation combined with XPEL’s superior products will help you achieve the look you desire for your Corvette.

Our complete list of Corvette specific services is detailed below. Check out the frequently asked questions on PPF Levels and then scroll down to see our latest work on Corvettes.




The long-awaited and highly anticipated mid-engined Corvette C8 has made its arrival and with it, the latest in GM’s Metallic Tintcoat paint technology. XPEL’s high quality, ultra-thick, self-adhesive, clear-coated aliphatic polyurethane film is designed to protect the most advanced automotive finishes and other surfaces from the harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion.

Other features include:

  • Self Healing
  • Stain Resistance
  • Optical Clarity
  • Superior environmental resistance and gloss retention
paint protection film installation by american wrap company


XPEL’s FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating has been purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) and painted surfaces. It offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

Say goodbye to:

  • Water spots & stains – Ceramic Coating will bead and repel water, oils, and corrosives
  • Weekly Car Washes – Thanks to the slick, non-stick surface of Ceramic Coating, keeping your vehicle looking its best means less washing, detailing, and  frequent polishing.
  • Plain “Daily Driver” look – Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your vehicle

Ceramic coating can be applied by itself or over a layer of PPF already installed. XPEL FUSION PLUS  Ceramic Coating adds depth, improves the shine and surface clarity while protecting your vehicle from the elements. Designed to withstand years of driving. 

No matter what level of protection you choose, your entire vehicle can be covered with ceramic coating. For the best value and the highest degree of protection, we recommend a combination of PPF and ceramic coating.

corvette with paint protection film


A thin layer of XPEL Prime series window tint offers privacy and protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It also protects your interior from up to 96% of infrared transferable heat. We offer two levels of window film, both of which come with XPEL’s industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Our XPEL Prime XR Plus ceramic window tinting will help keep your Corvette’s interior from fading and it will help it stay up to 60% cooler to the touch on a hot day.. It will also help reduce glare while protecting your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

American Wrap Co. Window Tinting Installation


Frequently Asked

What Paint Protection Film Level should I get for my Corvette?

Our most popular package on a Corvette is the Level 3. Similar to Porsche, Corvettes need the full front done with our level 3 package. We also recommend the rocker panels and lower doors.

A Level 4 full body wrap is definitely amazing for Corvettes as well as it provides the ultimate peace of mind, gloss and protection.

What else can I do to customize my Corvette?

Most Corvette owners like to do window tint because the windows come clear with no factory privacy glass. They also like to do the rocker panels, lower doors and rear bumper impact areas. 

All these services can be performed by American Wrap Co to protect AND make your Corvette standout even more from all the others.

What about this Ceramic coating? How does that help?

Ceramic coating is great on Corvettes because it provides years of gloss and hydrophobic safe washing.




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