Car Window Tinting


It’s not your usual low-profile window tint– we exclusively use XPEL Prime™ XR Plus for the best UV protection and it looks cool (pun intended!)

Tyler O'Hara installing window tint on Tesla model
Whether you choose our Level 1 or 2 tint packages we always take extreme caution to protect the interior of your car while we install tint. Tint starts with meticulous prep work. The first thing we do is wipe down all the glass to be tinted to ensure that as much dust and contamination is picked up. We then use masking tape to tape off the headliner, window tracks and any other areas we want to protect form getting wet or that we want to prevent water from pulling debris out of. After taping we cover panels and touchscreens with micro fiber soak shields and microfiber dash ropes, the purpose of this again is to protect the interior. After this we clean the glass using a 2 step industry standard cleaning process. Most of our tint installs are plotted using XPEL’s DAP software. This ensures a great fit while completely eliminating the possibility of cutting the exterior glass with razor blades. We then shrink the tint on the exterior, and then install in on the interior of the glass.




Level 1 – This is our entry level film for people looking mainly for ascetics. XPEL Prime CS is a lifetime warranted color stable film that will never turn purple or bubble. Its optical clarity is almost 100% and comes in a wide array of darknesses from 5%-65% light transparency.
For all the roll down windows and rear windshield


Level 2 – This is our top of the line ceramic film. XPEL Prime XR Plus! This film is one of the highest specced films money can buy! The 70% shade which is vary light, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and 98% of IR heat! If you are looking for the ultimate in protection for your skin and the interior of your car this is the ticket for you! We carry shades from 5%-70%. With this package we always cover the front and rear windshields as well as all roll down side windows.


Expect the same application perfection as our award-winning film installations with our Automotive Window Film service. Using XPEL Prime™ XR Plus means  98% infrared heat rejection thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology keeping you cool, protecting your interior from sun damage, and ultimately, adding that finishing touch of look on your vehicle.


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    It’s no secret that at American Wrap Company we care for your vehicle like it was our own and we certainly don’t skim on “regular” products. The automotive window film we use is an example of that.

    Ceramic Particle Technology

    Contains a proprietary blend of ceramic particles to act as a solid barrier to infrared heat while maintaining the ease of install in a 1.5 mil construction.

    Superior Heat Rejection

    XPEL’s multilayer nano-ceramic particle technology blocks up to 98% of the infrared heat.

    UV Ray Protection

    XPEL PRIME XR PLUS provides SPF 1,000 protection that effectively blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays that can lead to numerous skin cancers, premature aging and skin cell damage.

    Greater Clarity

    In the past, keeping cool meant choosing a darker shade of tint. The multi-layer nano construction in XPEL PRIME™ XR PLUS provides ultra-high performance without reducing outbound visibility.

    Crystal Clear Signal

    In a digital world, clear communication is key. PRIME XR PLUS construction will not interfere with radio, cellular, or bluetooth signals.

    Need even more information? Download the XPEL Prime Spec Sheet for details.

    Window Tinting Frequently Asked Questions

    How are car windows tinted?

    First, the film is laid on the outside of the car’s windows and cut out to fit. Those pieces are then placed on a large piece of glass and trimmed before being installed on the inside of the windows.

    How much does window tinting cost?

    The price depends on which level of film is chosen, how many windows to cover and tint percentage. Pricing is provided on a car by car basis.

    Is tinting your car windows worth it?

    Window tint is great for preventing UV rays from coming through. It keeps the inside of your vehicle cooler on hot days and also helps reduce fading on the interior. It also provides privacy and helps reduce any glare while driving.

    How long does it take to tint your car windows/How long to wait?

    Tinting all the windows of your car can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Full-sized sedans take about 1 to 2 hours to install. If you only want to tint your two front doors, 30 to 40 minutes.

    Can I tint my own windows?

    Well you could try, but that is not recommended. Like anything in life, experience and practice is what makes a great installer. It’s better to take it to a professional in the beginning. It requires patience and a very steady hand.

    Can you get a ticket for tinted windows?

    Each state has their own laws. It’s recommended to research and know what those laws are before tinting.

    Can you pass inspection with illegal tint?


    How long do tinted windows last?

    The lifetime of window films are dependent on many factors including product type and quality, the climate, and the amount of direct sunlight your car is exposed to. Generally, automotive films are designed to last much longer than the typical owner will keep the vehicle, but the film we use will perform well past 10 years.

    How long after having my windows tinted can I wash my car?

    Since the tint is applied to the inside of the windows, we recommend waiting 24 hours before rolling the windows up or down.

    Can tinted windows be re-tinted?

    If tint becomes damaged or scratched, it requires removal. Yes windows can be re-tinted, but the original installed tint must be removed clearly before new tint is applied.

    What is polarized window tint?

    Polarized is the name for “redirecting light”. Think of wearing polarized glasses. It lets in only certain light, however it can also cause a “rainbow effect” or a form of distortion.

    Are tinted windows harder to break?

    Yes, they are harder to break. Accidents can happen, but if a tinted window does become broken, shards of glass will remain attached to the film. So this can be a great safety factor as well.

    Can window tint be removed? How?

    Yes the tint can be removed. If any corner is easy to start with, slowly peel back the tint in one piece. After the tint is removed, spray an adhesive remover on the glass. Wipe off with paper towels. However, if you choose to remove the tint yourself and become frustrated, or the tint only removes in small pieces, and then you then decide to take it to a professional shop, you might be charged a hefty fee to complete the removal of remaining tint.

    Can you have front windows tinted?

    Yes, the fronts can be tinted, but it is recommended to use not less than 35%

    What are the percentages of window tint?

    Tint percentages range from from 5% up to 70%

    How do you calculate tint percentage?

    The tint percentage represents how much light is allowed through the window. The lower the percentage, the darker the tint. 5% is Limo Tint. 20% is Factory Tint.

    What percent is factory window tint?


    How dark are you allowed to tint your windows?

    Tinting is a personal choice and knowing the laws for the state you live in should be taken into consideration.

    How much should I tint my windows/How dark should I go?

    This is a personnel choice. Some heavy tint (5%) can add a custom look to a classic car.

    What’s the best car window tint brand?

    Our company deals exclusively with XPEL. We find XPEL stands strong behind the product and offers the best warranty.

    How to care for car window tint?

    We highly recommend using a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the windows. Strong harsh cleaners are not recommended, especially any ammonia.

    How to fix peeling window tint?

    We recommend returning the vehicle to the dealer that installed the tint.

    Does car tint reduce heat? Do tinted windows make your car cooler?

    Yes, window tint can either absorb or reflect the UV light.

    What is ceramic window tint?

    Ceramic Tint if nano-layered with ceramic and carbon properties – both of which block 99.99% of UV rays and reduce IR heat by nearly 60%. It also allows maximum visibility both by day and night. The tint we use, Xpel Prime XR blocks 90% of IR.

    What does privacy glass mean in a car?

    Privacy glass is the formal term for windows on a car which have been tinted during the manufacturing process. Usually this is applied to the rear windows of the car.