Paint Protection Film


We strive to bring you a perfect job every time for an unbeatable value.

So whether it’s a Honda Civic or a Bugatti Veyron, we treat every car with the same degree of respect, discipline, and attention to detail.

Paint Protection Film coverage level 1

Level 1

The Level 1 package covers the bumper as well as the headlights.

Paint Protection Film coverage level 2

Level 2

The Level 2 package covers the hood and fenders with a bikini cut. The bumper is fully covered as well as the side mirrors, headlights and door cups.

Paint Protection Film coverage level 3

Level 3

The Level 3 Package covers the entire hood and fenders. The bumper is fully covered as well as the headlights, side mirrors and door cups.

Paint Protection Film coverage level 4

Level 4

The Level 4 package covers every square inch of exterior painted surface. We also take it a few steps further and cover all the door sills and sill plates. We also cover all the pillar pieces between each door and roll down window.


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    The sky is the limit with paint protection. Some great alternative coverage areas are:

    • Rocker panels
    • A/B/C pillars 
    • Door edges
    • Rear bumper impact areas
    • Doors
    • Interior piano finish pieces
    • Roof
    • Rear bumper
    Vehicle interior paint protection
    PPF on white door
    XPEL Paint Protection Film


    Hybrid Patterns

    We hear it all the time. Companies are trying to sell customers on the fact that they only do bulk installs. Here at American Wrap Co we feel that it is far more efficient to manipulate the patterns and make what we call “hybrid kits. Through our 10 years of experience we have become very proficient on XPEL’s DAP cutting software. We’ve also wrapped thousands of cars which has given us great insight into how far we can push the film into areas for an edgeless and seamless look.

    We use ZERO adhesion promoter. Adhesion promoter is a very harsh chemical that many companies use to make the film stick in difficult areas. It sounds great until you try and remove the film and the adhesive is bonded to the paint!

    So with all that said, on most big full car wraps we like to have a consultation prior to doing the job. That way we can see what edges we can wrap safely. Then we take notes and pictures so we have good references when we are modifying every part of the pattern to create our “hybrid kit”.

    Starting with XPEL’s patterns is already a road map for success. They put extensive care into developing the best patterns in the world! The patterns start with really great coverage then we put our spin on them for a knock out combo.

    PPF Hybrid Patterns


    There is a time and place for everything. Many hoods on new cars are becoming more and more difficult. Sometimes no matter how good the pattern may be, it just comes out better when you bulk the install.

    Thanks to our experience, we know what will be difficult and will always make the best decision to give you the absolute best quality in the industry! Our mission is to make you happy and provide the cleanest installs possible.

    Hot Rods, RV’s and other applications will always require a bulk install. We are no stranger to getting those done, as well.

    PPF bulk installation

    Wrapped Edges

    We will always wrap every single edge possible! If we can get our fingers or wrap tools into the area you can be assured the edge will be wrapped!

    We always make sure that the wrapped edge of the PPF is curled around the vehicles edges smoothly without wrinkles or air bubbles.

    Wrapping edges and alignment of edges is crucial to a clean paint protection film installation. It’s equally important that the finish work is done correctly to lock down all the edges wrapped or not.

    Badge Removal

    Badge removal is another step that sometimes gets over looked. Certain cars and certain customers would prefer that badges are not removed in which case we precisely trim around the perimeter of the badge.

    For the customers that give us permission, we make a template and take pictures of the badge’s factory location. We then remove the badge using some fishing line. Once the adhesive is cleaned off, we take the time to re-apply new double sided molding tape to the badges.

    Once we have completed any wrap work to the area, the badges are reinstalled for a very clean look with the film completely under the badges.

    World's Best Paint Protection Installer Tyler O'Hara removing badge

    Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra Frequently Asked Questions