Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating by American Wrap Company

Have you recently purchased a new car? If you’re like most proud new car owners, you’ll want to keep your vehicle looking as fresh and new as the moment you first drove it off the lot. But even if you wax your new car every few months, there can still be stains, chips and marks that can develop on the exterior. Even worse, grime and dust can cling to your vehicle as soon as the day after washing your car. That’s why more and more car owners are protecting their new cars with ceramic coating.

Tyler O'Hara working on ceramic coating

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Perhaps you may have heard of the term “ceramic coating” but aren’t quite sure what it is. Put simply, ceramic coating is a clear coat, containing a liquid polymer, that’s applied to the exterior of a vehicle. When the coating is applied, the polymer bonds chemically with the factory paint of the car. This provides an additional layer of protection as well as keeps the car looking new.


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    The ultimate ​protection and shine when matched with XPEL PPF!

    Purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and improved scratch resistance with a single application.

    XPEL Fusion Plus PPF installation on orange Corvette


    Some things just work better together. XPEL PPF & FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can be combined to maximize protection for long term car care.

    XPEL Fusion Plus PPF Hydrophobic


    By creating a hydrophobic & oleophobic topcoat over the surface of your paint or PPF, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating will bead and repel water, oils, corrosives, and much more.

    XPEL Fusion Plus Protection Black Lamborghini installation


    Ceramic coatings are exceptionally heat resistant. When vehicles are frequently exposed to harmful UV sun rays, their paint starts to oxidize. This leads to the paint looking faded, giving it a dull, unattractive appearance. However, applying a layer of ceramic coating can protect the paint of a car from the sun’s harsh UV rays. As a result, this reduces the amount of oxidation.

    XPEL Fusion Plus PPF Depth Clarity


    Do you want to improve the glossiness of your car’s paint so that it pops and stands out more? If so, then add ceramic coating. A ceramic coating application can bring out the reflective properties of a car’s paintwork, which enhances the clarity and depth of its paint. Vehicles with ceramic coatings shine more, looking more like new cars for a longer time period than those without this coating. By giving your vehicle an additional skin covering, your car continues to look glossy longer.

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    One of the main perks of ceramic coatings is that they repel just about anything. In other words, instead of dust, debris and chemicals attacking your car, these destructive elements simply bounce off. As a result, your vehicle looks cleaner since dirt is not as likely to stick to the surface of its exterior. Of course, you’ll still need to wash your car but not as often. What’s more, when your car has a ceramic coating application, dirt comes off without hardly any resistance, which saves you a lot of time and labor.

    XPEL Fusion Plus Warranty and Care Information


    By adding a ceramic coating to your car, you’re protecting your car’s paintwork. Consider how sealants and wax are only good for just a few months, but a ceramic coating gives your car a shine that lasts much longer. As a result, you aren’t as likely to replace your car with one that looks newer and shinier. Your application of XPEL FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for 4 years from initial installation. Already coated? Contact us about registering your FUSION PLUS warranty.

    Ceramic Coating Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ceramic coating and what does it do?

    Ceramic coating is a nano polymer coat that bonds permanently to paint creating a hydrophobic, super slick, UV resistant, and chemical resistant layer that protects the paint for years.

    Can you see through ceramic coating?

    Yes, they cure totally clear and add a lot of gloss and depth to paint.

    How much does ceramic coating cost?

    This usually depends on how much paint correction prep work is required before the coating is installed.

    Is ceramic coating worth it? Does it work?

    Yes! It is very worth it and with proper maintenance will make keeping your car clean a lot easier and will keep it looking sharp for years!

    Is ceramic coating good for your car?

    Yes! It is great for your car and works really well, but it does require specific maintenance.

    How do you apply ceramic coating?

    Ceramic coating is applied by hand in small sections at a time. Some coatings can be stacked to create multiple layers and a thicker coat, some coatings are a multi coat process and some coatings are only a single layer to achieve maximum results.

    How many layers of ceramic coating do you apply?

    This mainly depends on the coating. Some coatings are multi layer and can be stacked backed to back and some coatings will reject being stacked.

    How much ceramic coating do you need for a car?

    Usually an average car takes 30ML of product and multiple microfiber towels to install.

    Do you wax before ceramic coating?

    No! Before coating a car you want to strip off any waxes so that the coating bonds to raw paint.

    How long does ceramic coating take to dry?

    All coatings take a full week to fully cure. In this time period the vehicle should not get wet and should not have chemicals or bird poop sit on the surface.

    How long does ceramic coating last?

    This depends on the coating and manufacture. Coatings can last 1-8 years.

    How long does it take to apply ceramic coating?

    This is purely dependent on how much prep work and paint correction is involved before the coating can be installed. Actually installing the coating can take a few hours to a full day depending on the coating being used.

    Does ceramic coating prevent scratches?

    No. No coating will stop a deep scratch. Only paint protection film (clear bra) will.

    Can you polish ceramic coating?

    You can lightly polish coatings to remove any topical swirls in the coating. Any deep caring or scratching would require a heavy polish and reapplication of the coating.

    What is ceramic coating made of?

    Most coatings on the market are comprised of Silicon Dioxide. This is the main compound in glass and is what gives Cermaic coatings their glass like hardness.

    How do you clean and maintain ceramic coating?

    Maintaining ceramic coatings isn’t totally fool proof and you need to invest in special products and high quality towels. Coatings are not car wash safe and its always recommend that the car is hand washed using a two bucket method.

    Can you use ceramic coating on glass?

    Yes, there are specific coatings for glass that make driving in the rain much safer and easier to see out of the windshield.

    Does nano ceramic spray work?

    A nano spray detailer product is a great topper for paint and recharging ceramic coatings.