Car Window Tinting: Everything You Should Consider

Today, one of the most competitive sectors in the automotive industry is luxury cars. With vehicle manufacturers competing to design and create the perfect dream cars for people, the industry has been growing steadily. This trend is expected to continue in the period between 2019 and 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 6%.

Luxury vehicles are designed to perfection with the utmost attention given to the tiniest of details. What results from such efforts is a powerful yet majestic vehicle that’s visually stimulating and allows you to glide on the road. For such cars to maintain their striking elegance, they must be subject to a lot of care and maintenance.

One of the best ways to preserve your vehicle’s exotic beauty is by installing window tint. If chosen and installed correctly, window tint can add elegance to your vehicle. Other benefits they offer are:

-Prevent fading thus ensures your interior remains colorful
-Keeps you safe from cancer-causing UV rays
-Helps keep the car cool
-Adds privacy and boosts security

With such benefits, car window tinting is a valuable proposition for any car owner. However, car window tinting is not just about having your windows tinted but having them tinted correctly. Therefore, before you rush to have your windows tinted, there are a few things you should know. Read on to find out.

1. Suitable Window Film

There are different options when it comes to window films. They all perform the same function more or less, but offer different properties that suit different cars and people. When it comes to window film, think of the following.


With window films, you can opt for dyed, ceramic, carbon films, among others. Each option offers varying strength, density, clarity, reflectivity, protection from UV rays, and the prices also vary. Therefore, it is best to assess each option carefully and find one that suits your needs.

Of all the options, dyed films are the cheapest, but they are less durable. With an option such as carbon, you will get a dense and robust film that retains its color for long. However, it is susceptible to haze and glare. There are also hybrid options that offer a combination of the benefits of other materials.


The primary purpose of windows is to allow light inside the vehicle and allow us to see outside. This is why some people have reservations about installing window film. As such, it is important to ascertain that a window film has sufficient clarity to afford you an excellent view of the scenery around you.


One of the ways to categorize window films is as reflective or non-reflective. Also known as metalized films, reflective films prevent harmful UV rays from entering the car by reflecting sunlight. On the other hand, non-reflective tints reduce the amount of light and heat entering the car by absorbing sunlight.

UV Protection

Ultimately, the goal of installing window film is to protect yourself and the interior of your car. As such, the most crucial element of window film is the level of UV protection it offers. Since window films offer varying degrees of UV protection, it’s best to go with one that gives you the most protection.

2. State Laws

In the US, the regulations about window tint vary from one state to the next. In some areas tint is prohibited whereas in some, there are guidelines as to how dark or reflective the tint can be. In Los Angeles, California, car window tinting is permitted, but not without restrictions.

Here are some of the regulations you should follow when tinting your luxury vehicle in Los Angeles:

-Window tint should not exceed 70% darkness for the front two windows

-Tinted windows should not be more reflective than normal untinted windows.

-If the rear window is tinted the vehicle must have dual side mirrors

-Tint colors such as red, blue, and amber are prohibited

As you take into account the regulations within your state, it is also essential to consider the regulations of the states you travel to frequently.

3. DIY or Professional Tinting Service?

If you fancy yourself as a hands-on kind of person, you can have a go at installing window film. One of the main benefits of doing it yourself is the cost savings you will enjoy. But, for the sake of your precious car and peace of mind, you are better off letting professionals handle the job.

This is because car window tinting is the most difficult type of tinting as there are curved windows and tight angles to deal with. Also, due to adhesive strength, there are no second chances for realigning the film. For every mistake, you will have to decide whether to settle for a creased window or use another film altogether.

Now that you’ve decided that professional help is better, here’s what to consider when choosing a professional tinting service:


Car window tinting is a precision art. A tiny mistake will have a great effect on the results and effectiveness of the film. To ensure that you get value for money, it is best to select a vehicle window tinting company with experience.

Professionalism and Reliability

When you want to get your windows tinted, you must choose a company that not only offers excellent results but does so in a professional way and on the agreed-upon terms. For this, ask for recommendations within your social circles for good companies. Once you have identified suitable options, check for their reviews online. This will give you a clear picture of the type of service to expect.

Service Guarantee

Once you have installed window tint, you should be safe knowing that your investment will protect you for years to come. To ensure this, check the window film warranty and ensure that the manufacturer offers replacements for film that does not match their promise.

Also, only work with a window tint installation company that offers a warranty that covers poor installations. Need professional and reliable window tint installation? American Wrap Company has you covered. Contact us today to ensure your car remains in pristine condition.

Tyler O'Hara