2019 Porsche GT3RS

As you all probably know by now here at American Wrap Company we will literally wrap anything. Whether its a classic 1928 Alfa Romeo or a brand new 2019 Porsche GT3RS. We are no strangers to wrapping everything and anything! Today though Id like to blog about the beautiful Porsche GT3RS Weissach that we just had the pleasure of doing a bunch of cool work to!

This car isn’t your run of the mill Carrera. This is a fire breathing dragon bread from 87 years of automotive engineering. The 2019 Porsche GT3RS Weissach package car is made for pounding laps around a race track. It has a thicker crankshaft with better oiling passages to keep the 520Hp motor ticking while you’re cranking out laps! The carbon-ceramic breaks are not only lightweight but also specifically designed to take a beating on the track stopping you on a dime!

The Weissach Package

The Weissach package is an 18,000$ upgrade that saves weight! The Weissach Equipped GT3RS comes with an ultra-thin hood and roof made out of 2 layers of carbon with a special clear coat. Weight savings was also achieved when Porsche opted to not install sound deadening material in the GT3RS. Porsche Engineers wanted you to here the gearbox, the engine revving to 9k and all the rocks flinging off the monstrous 325 rear tires! This all adds up to one of the most engaging driver experiences you can have in a street-legal car!

What American Wrap Company Did to this Porsche GT3RS Weissach

So by now your probably wondering what we did to the car! The real question is what didn’t we do to the car? We started by removing all the factory decals and quarter panel PPF. We then did a full paint decontamination and prep. This includes a thorough wash, deionizing spray on the surface, clay bar and lastly full panel prep with Shine Supply Throwback!

After all the prep was completed we wrapped the entire car in XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film! Every edge of the Ppf was wrapped and tucked for a completely edgeless look. On a dark color car like this, it is a critical step to make sure that all edges are hidden so that over time the car looks as good as the day we finished it. We don’t want dirt accumulating on the edges of the film!

Custom Options: Making it His Own

The owner of the car wanted to make this GT3RS unique to his style. The interior of the car had lime green seat inserts, door handle pulls, seat belts and stitching throughout the cockpit. The exterior of the car had a lime green ring on the wheels and lime green calipers! We custom made color-matched decals to bring the whole car together. We installed a new Porsche logo on the wing, GT3RS logos on the hips of the rear quarter panels and we accented the sides of the GT wing with lime accents. To finish everything off we did a single offset euro style racing stripe. The main body of the stripe is lime green accented with satin black one inch wide stripes. The idea with the stripe was to run it up and over the drivers head!

In conclusion, this was a very special project for us! The owner of the car was recommended to us by a mutual friend and we really wanted to make sure this project came out above and beyond everyone’s expectations! Look for this car rolling the streets from Thousand Oaks Ca to Los Angeles! This is one bad GT3RS that refuses to be missed!



Tyler O'Hara