Why Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film?

Nowadays there are many choices on the market for paint protection film. In fact, most people assume that it must be a 3m product. We’ve heard it a hundred times “is that a 3m owned product?”. We as installers have the choice to use whatever Paint Protection Film we feel is best for our customers. On today’s market, PPF is almost becoming a dime a dozen just like window tint. It seems like every manufacturer is jumping on board to try and penetrate the PPF market. There’s Avery Dennison, Durashield, S-Tek, Suntek, Lumar, 3M, Premium Shield, Solar Guard, Madico, Hexis Body Shield and of course XPEL.

There Are So Many Choice for PPF, Why Choose XPEL?

We feel out of the main choices for PPF manufactures XPEL really stands out above and beyond. Lets first talk about the warranty. XPEL’s company is built on customer support. They truly stand behind their product with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. The claims process is very streamlined and easy to handle through their main office phone number. The warranty is good from coast to coast in the USA! It’s as simple as opening a claim, removing the old film, sending it back in a box, receiving credit, and installing new film! They truly stand behind the film 100%!

XPEL’s Self-Healing Clear Coat

Even though the warranty is so amazing, we can assure you that you won’t need to use it because the film has a self-healing clear coat! That’s right, this stuff actually heals fine swirl scratches on its own! XPEL was the first PPF manufacturer to integrate a self-healing top coat into their film. The first rendition was XPEL Ultimate. This version launched somewhere around 2010. Since then it has been refined and tweaked many times all leading up to what we have today, XPEL Ultimate Plus! XPEL Ultimate Plus is hands down the best paint protection film we have ever touched. From its ease of installation, minimal texture topcoat, clarity, great adhesion for deep tucks and wraps, hydrophobic topcoat and self-healing its a knockout combo! The self-healing also gives the film extreme UV resistance so that it will not yellow. Finally, self-healing provides industry-leading chemical resistance. I have yet to find a chemical that will hurt XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF, including carb cleaner, lacquer thinner, brake cleaner, even brake fluid didn’t hurt it! If you truly want to protect your investment, do it with XPEL and American Wrap Co!

XPEL’s Customer Support

Customer support now days seems to be completely hit or miss. companies either have great customer support or its nonexistent. XPEL has amazing customer support! It’s as simple as calling the 1-800 number and every person is completely knowledgable and able to help you with many things. As a small business, the amount of support they give us is incredible! It’s truly like having a full team of employees at our service! The other great thing about XPEL’s customer service is that you always get to speak with a living, breathing representative! No annoying automated menus! They even have an after-hours 24hr support line for any technical help we may need! Here at American Wrap Co we can’t say enough good about XPEL’s customer service and help! In our 10 years in this industry, we have never received better service from any other manufacturer!

American Wrap Company Uses Only the Best

So, in conclusion, we truly feel that XPEL Ultimate Plus is the ultimate winner out of all the PPF manufacturers available today. From industry-leading warranties, customer support and product development we feel that XPEL is the best PPF on the market. This is why here at American Wrap Co we exclusively install XPEL! Let’s get your new vehicle in Ventura County protected today!

Thank you!

Tyler O’Hara- Owner of American Wrap Co

Tyler O'Hara

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