Best Paint Protection Film 2024: XPEL vs. 3M, SunTek & More

With a multitude of paint protection films (PPF) brands available in the market, choosing one for your car can feel overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, we’ve broken down the leading names in the industry, including our #1 choice—XPEL—focusing on their unique offerings and performance to help you navigate through the choices and select the best PPF for your car.

Overview of Leading PPF Brands

When it comes to protecting your car’s paint from chips, scratches, and the elements, choosing the right PPF is crucial. Here, we introduce you to the leading PPF brands, including our recommendation: XPEL:


XPEL stands at the forefront of the PPF industry, renowned for its cutting-edge technology and superior quality. Its flagship product, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS, offers unparalleled clarity, durability, and self-healing capabilities, ensuring your car’s paint looks pristine for years to come. XPEL’s commitment to innovation is evident in their extensive product lineup, designed to meet a wide range of consumer needs, making it the preferred choice for discerning vehicle owners and professionals alike.


A titan in the automotive industry, 3M‘s Scotchgard Pro Series Paint Protection Film is celebrated for its exceptional resistance to yellowing and scratches, thanks to its advanced elastomeric polymers. 3M’s PPF not only preserves the showroom shine of your car but also comes with a comprehensive warranty, backing its durability and performance. It’s a testament to 3M’s legacy of quality and reliability in automotive protection.


SunTek Paint Protection Film integrates innovative technology with aesthetic flexibility, offering products like the Ultra series that feature HydroResist™ technology. This top coat increases stain resistance and prolongs the life of the film, ensuring your vehicle maintains its allure. SunTek PPF is favored for its self-healing properties and optical clarity, making it a solid choice for those seeking effective paint protection without compromising the car’s appearance.


LLumar‘s Platinum Paint Protection Film is a testament to the brand’s dedication to automotive care excellence. Known for its resilience and clarity, LLumar PPF shields your car from the damages of daily driving, including road debris and UV exposure. Its self-healing technology ensures minor scratches disappear, keeping your car’s paint looking untouched. LLumar offers a blend of durability and aesthetic preservation, appealing to vehicle owners who demand both protection and perfection.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison’s Supreme Defense Paint Protection Film stands out for its glossy finish and impressive durability. Engineered to protect against a myriad of external damages, this film maintains its integrity and appearance over time, thanks to its self-healing surface. Avery Dennison has positioned itself as a leader in PPF innovation, offering solutions that cater to the protective needs of luxury and everyday cars alike.

Solar Gard

Clearshield Pro HYDRO from Solar Gard brings hydrophobic technology to the forefront of PPF, repelling water and making car cleaning a breeze. Known for its robust protection against impacts and abrasions, Clearshield Pro HYDRO ensures your cars’s paint remains unblemished. Its clear, glossy finish enhances the natural beauty of your car, making it an excellent choice for those seeking both protection and shine.


Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, from XPEL’s industry-leading technology to Clearshield’s hydrophobic properties. Choosing the right PPF comes down to prioritizing what matters most to you: durability, clarity, self-healing capabilities, or aesthetic impact. As American Wrap Co.’s preferred brand, XPEL undoubtedly sets a high standard, but exploring what other leading brands offer can help you make the most informed decision for your car’s protection.

Detailed Brand Comparison: Which PPF is the Best?

Technology and innovation are the bedrock of performance and durability when it comes to PPF. Each brand brings its unique approach to the table, striving to offer products that not only protect your vehicle but also enhance its appearance. 

Technology and Innovation

Brand Key Technological Features Self-Healing Capabilities Hydrophobic Properties Customization Options
XPEL Proprietary self-healing formula, bespoke protection with precision-cut films via DAP software, hydrophobic coating Yes Yes High
3M Advanced elastomeric polymers, Clear Coat technology for stain and yellowing resistance Yes No Moderate
SunTek HydroResist™ technology for enhanced durability and water repellency Yes Yes Moderate
LLumar Emphasis on durability and optical clarity, heat-activated self-healing surface Yes No Moderate
Avery Dennison High-gloss finish, self-healing surface for aesthetic preservation Yes No Moderate
Solar Gard Hydrophobic technology for water and contaminant repellency, focus on easy maintenance No Yes Moderate

Product Range and Options

A broad range of options allows consumers to select the best fit for their car’s specific needs, from daily driving protection to luxury and performance cars’ specialized care. Here’s how each brand measures up in terms of product range and customization options.

Brand Expanded Product Variety Description Customization Options Special Features
XPEL Offers the widest range including ULTIMATE PLUS for unmatched clarity and durability, STEALTH for a matte finish, TRACWRAP for temporary protection, and more. Specialized films for specific needs like headlight protection are also available. High Custom-fit software, Matte and gloss finishes, Specialized protection options
3M Scotchgard Pro Series stands out for general protection, with variations targeting specific durability and clarity needs. A more focused lineup ensures quality across its offerings, though less varied than XPEL. Moderate Quality and reliability, Industry-standard performance
SunTek Primarily focused on the Ultra series, offering advanced protection with HydroResist technology. The lineup is streamlined but effective, catering to common protection needs with a focus on durability and hydrophobic features. Moderate HydroResist technology, Excellent clarity
LLumar The Platinum PPF series is at the core, designed for long-lasting protection with an emphasis on clarity and durability. While offering fewer options, LLumar ensures high-quality protection tailored to most cars. Moderate Balance of clarity and durability, High-quality finish
Avery Dennison Supreme Defense Paint Protection Film specializes in high-gloss finishes, designed to enhance the car’s appearance while providing durable protection. The selection focuses on combining aesthetics with performance. Moderate High-gloss finish, Enhanced aesthetic appeal
Solar Gard Clearshield Pro HYDRO is known for its hydrophobic properties, focusing on easy maintenance and effective protection. The range is more limited but excels in water repellency and ease of care. Moderate Hydrophobic properties, Simplified maintenance

Durability and Protection

Durability and protection are paramount when evaluating PPF. These characteristics ensure that the vehicle’s paint remains in pristine condition, safeguarded against scratches, stains, and the elements. Here’s how the leading PPF brands compare in terms of scratch and stain resistance, and overall protection.

Brand Scratch Resistance Stain Resistance Self-Healing Properties Overall Protection
XPEL Excellent: Best-in-class scratch mitigation. Excellent: Advanced resistance to stains and chemicals. Superior: Rapid self-healing at room temperature. Superior: Longest lasting, maintaining integrity under various conditions.
3M High: Robust against scratches, less prone to damage. High: Effective against stains, with good chemical resistance. Good: Self-heals minor scratches, slightly slower than XPEL. High: Durable over time, with slight edge to XPEL in longevity.
SunTek High: Strong scratch resistance, similar to 3M. High: Top-tier stain resistance, including hydrophobic benefits. Good: Efficient self-healing, though not as quick as XPEL. High: Durable and reliable, with emphasis on hydrophobic protection.
LLumar Good: Adequate protection against scratches. Good: Solid performance in stain resistance. Good: Offers self-healing capabilities, effective with heat. Good: Reliable durability, though not as comprehensive as XPEL.
Avery Dennison High: Provides high level of scratch protection. High: Strong against stains, maintaining gloss over time. Good: Capable self-healing, but may require higher temperatures. High: Offers significant durability, with a focus on aesthetic preservation.
Solar Gard Good: Offers general scratch protection. Good: Fairly resistant to stains, excels in water-based stain repellency. Moderate: Limited self-healing compared to others, effective for minor abrasions. Good: Provides a decent level of durability, with a focus on hydrophobic features.

Aesthetic Impact

The aesthetic impact of PPF encompasses clarity, glossiness, and the availability of different finish options, crucial for car owners who value both protection and appearance. Here’s how the leading PPF brands compare in enhancing a car’s aesthetics.

Brand Clarity Finish Options Overall Aesthetic Impact
XPEL Superior: Exceptional clarity Gloss and Matte (STEALTH) options available, offering versatility. Unparalleled: Enhances car’s appearance significantly without compromise.
3M High: Excellent clarity Primarily gloss, limited matte options. Strong: Maintains and enhances the car’s original shine.
SunTek High: Great clarity Primarily gloss, limited on finish variety. Strong: Protects while keeping the car looking clean and shiny.
LLumar High: Clear Gloss-focused, limited matte options. Good: Preserves car’s original appearance with a protective gloss
Avery Dennison High: Superior clarity. Mainly gloss, limited in variety. Strong: Amplifies vehicle’s aesthetic appeal with a glossy protective layer
Solar Gard Good: Maintains clear view of paint Limited to gloss, more focused on protection. Good: Basic aesthetic preservation with effective protection

Installation Ease and Maintenance

When selecting a PPF, the ease with which professionals can install the film and the subsequent maintenance requirements are crucial factors for car owners. Films that are easier for certified installers to apply and maintain can significantly enhance the car’s protection and appearance over time. Here’s how the leading PPF brands fare in professional installation ease and maintenance

Brand Professional Installation Ease Maintenance Requirements Overall Ease and Care for Professionals
XPEL Optimal: Advanced adhesive for smooth repositionability. Minimal: Heat-activated self-healing and hydrophobic topcoat. Premier choice for ease of care and durability.
3M High: Requires precision for best results. Moderate: May need professional care for best appearance. Dependable, with a focus on quality maintenance.
SunTek High: Flexible material aids application Moderate: Hydrophobic layer simplifies cleaning, attention to detail required. Efficient installation and manageable maintenance.
LLumar Moderate: Demands skilled application for best fit Moderate: Benefits from regular professional maintenance. Steady performance with scheduled upkeep.
Avery Dennison Moderate: Detailed installation for gloss maximization Moderate: Routine care needed to sustain gloss and protection. Focused on maintaining aesthetic appeal.
Solar Gard High: Straightforward for professionals, less repositioning Low: Simplified cleaning, but may not self-heal as effectively. Practical for professional application and upkeep.

Warranty Coverage

In the PPF industry, the warranty coverage is a testament to a brand’s confidence in its product’s durability and performance. It provides  owners with assurance and trust in their investment. Below is a detailed comparison of warranty coverage offered by leading PPF brands.

Brand Warranty Coverage Details
XPEL Industry-leading up to 10 years, covering yellowing, cracking, peeling, staining, and hazing.
3M Up to 10 years, covering yellowing, peeling, and cracking.
SunTek Competitive up to 10 years, protecting against yellowing, cracking, and peeling.
LLumar Up to 10 years, against yellowing, bubbling, and cracking.
Avery Dennison Up to 10 years, includes protection against peeling, cracking, and yellowing.
Solar Gard Up to 5 years, focusing on yellowing and peeling.

Protect Your Car with XPEL at American Wrap Co.

At American Wrap Co., we’ve been in the paint protection industry for over a decade and the verdict is clear: XPEL leads the way in paint protection. Its unmatched durability, clarity, and self-healing technology set it apart, making it our top choice for safeguarding your car.

We’re proud to exclusively use XPEL, aligning with our commitment to deliver the best protection and customer satisfaction. 

So why settle for less when you can protect your car with the best? Let American Wrap Co. arm your car with XPEL’s unmatched paint protection. Reach out to us today to schedule your installation and experience the ultimate in automotive paint protection.

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