PPF 101: Understanding the Clear Bra Installation Process

Many drivers who don’t want the flawless paint on their vehicle to ever change decide to invest in paint protection film (PPF). Also called a “clear bra,” PPF is a thin, virtually invisible film that keeps your car looking better for longer. It acts as a defense barrier, shielding your car’s paint from scratches, chips, and even discoloration caused by the sun.

But exactly how is a clear bra installed? And why is it a job best left to the professionals?

American Wrap Company is here to explain everything you need to know about the clear bra installation process.

The PPF Installation Process

The clear bra installation process will largely depend upon what level of PPF coverage your car is getting. At American Wrap Company, we offer four levels of clear bra protection. Our Level 1 package covers your front bumper and headlights while the Level 4 package envelopes your entire vehicle in a durable shield of complete protection. Depending upon the package you choose to purchase, the installation time will range from a few hours to a few days.

Generally, the clear bra installation process looks like this:

Our team will thoroughly wash every inch of your car’s exterior surfaces. Sometimes, we’ll use a ferrous iron remover to remove deeply embedded iron contaminants from the paint’s pores.

During the secondary step of the cleaning process, we’ll use a clay bar or substitute to remove mechanical decontamination. Afterward, we’ll machine polish your vehicle to completely remove all contaminants and ensure the PPF seamlessly adheres to your car’s curves.

After the cleaning is complete, we’ll start the PPF implementation process. We’re dedicated to installing the PPF so that it’s undetectable. Our industry experts will custom cut the clear bra so that it flawlessly fits your vehicle. Using large pieces of PPF will guarantee that every panel and surface of your car is covered. Every PPF job we complete embodies our passion for perfection, allowing us to deliver exceptional results.

At American Wrap Company, we’ll go the extra mile and also wrap the edges of your car, if possible. We’ll thoroughly inspect the wrapped edges to ensure they’re smooth and don’t have any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Depending upon the car and the client’s preference, we’ll perform a badge removal. After the clear bra is fully installed and cleaned, we’ll re-install the badges for a pristine look.

Can I Install a Clear Bra Myself?

We strongly advise our customers to never attempt a DIY PPF installation job themselves. It’s an intricate process best left to experienced professionals. If you try to install a clear bra yourself, you could end up with messy results. Bubbling and wrinkling can occur. Worst of all, you could potentially ruin your car’s paint.

For superior results, always get PPF professionally installed.

Why Choose American Wrap Company

We’ve been wowing customers with stunning results since 2008. With a commitment to perfection and superior attention to detail, American Wrap Company goes above and beyond to always exceed your expectations.

We’ll work closely with you to answer any questions you might have about clear bra products or the installation process. Our specialists will treat your vehicle as if it was our own, showing acute precision during its PPF journey.

If you want to preserve your car for years to come, call America Wrap Company today at 661-878-5587 to learn more.




Tyler O'Hara