Paint Protection Film: Is it Worth It?

By now I’m sure many of you may be wondering whether or not you need paint protection film in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. I know paint protection film can seem a little expensive especially after you just bought your new car. Trust me though, PPF is worth every penny!

Why is Paint Protection Film Worth the Investment?

The last thing you want to see happen to your new baby is for it to get rock chips and scratches! It doesn’t matter if its a daily driver, a work truck or a weekend canyon runner! Every car is deserving of paint protection film. Our daily drivers are on the front line battle with rock chips every day! Ventura and Los Angeles counties are always doing road work and construction. That means there are more big semi-trucks out and about dropping gravel and debris onto the roadways! Then as your driving down the street the car in front of you is picking up all the debris with its tires and sending it straight at the front of your car! All of this leading to your car getting blasted with rock-chips!

Is Paint Protection Film Only for Luxury Cars?

Don’t think the “work truck” you just spent over 50k$ on isn’t worthy of PPF either! Whether is a construction truck with a tool bed or just a regular pick up truck to go to and from job sites. The chances are areas on the truck that will take damage PPF could stop from happening.

Of course, we all know the Malibu mountains, the Angeles crest highway, Mullhuland Snake, and many more local roads are go to spots for local drivers. All of these canyons have steep mountain sides that constantly drop debris onto the roads. The last thing you want is to be ripping through the canyons with a group of cars, come around a corner and see a gravel patch in the road! The car in front of you will send debris into the nose of your car and as you drive through the debris will fling into the side of your car! All of this causing paint damage and scratches that paint protection film would prevent!

The Unique Problems in Ventura County & Los Angeles

Ventura County and Los Angeles County are growing rapidly every year! More infrastructure and construction are causing our roads and highways to be littered with more and more debris! All of this debris equates to a very high potential for rock chips even time you drive your car! Call us today and let’s get your new car or your low mileage certified pre-owned car in for a paint protection film installation!


Thank you!


Tyler O'Hara

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