4 Reasons Why Paint Protection Film is Worth the Investment

Have you ever considered having paint protection film (or PPF) applied to your vehicle? This clear “wrap” or bra is a thin layer of transparent, flexible material that is “painted” over a car’s body panels to protect it from dents, dings, and other damage. Not only can PPF protect your vehicle from rocks, road debris, and hail, but it can save your paint from low-speed scrapes that would normally scar the finish.

But is it worth it to buy paint protection film? The short answer is yes, PPF is always worth it. Here are four reasons why you should invest in PPF.

1. Keep Your Car Looking Pristine for as Long as You Own It

If you take pride in your vehicle, plan on preserving its value, and want to keep it looking perfect, PPF is definitely worth the cost. Paint protection film is nearly invisible, has self-healing properties, and often carries a 10-year warranty.

Whether your car is parked or you’re driving it, PPF will protect it from virtually any type of pit, chip, or scratch.

2. Recoups a High Resale Value

Whether you drive a KIA or a Ferrari, you won’t be able to enjoy a high resale value if your vehicle is bearing the battle scars of the road. Did you know that cars in “excellent condition” will have a 10% to 15% higher resale value than cars in “very good condition?”

When you first buy your vehicle, it’s a good idea to have a team of professionals apply PPF to the body to preserve your paint for as long as possible.

3. Offers Highway Protection

If you have to drive on the highway on a regular basis, you should consider getting paint protection film. Your vehicle is likely to suffer from scrapes and scratches because of the road debris. Keep your car looking as amazing as it did on the showroom floor with a little help from PPF.

4. Prevents Paint Damage

Behind a house, a car is the largest investment you can make. Paint protection film will protect your investment from thousands of dollars worth of paint damage over the next five or more years. Why wouldn’t you want to save something that you’ve paid so much money for?

Why Choose XPEL PPF

If you’re on the hunt for superior vehicle protection, look no further than XPEL PPF. This paint protection film actually has the ability to heal fine scratches and swirls by itself. In fact, it’s actually the very first PPF to feature this innovative self-healing property.

The reasons to choose XPEL PPF for your ride are almost endless. From its installation ease, clarity, hydrophobic top-coat, self-healing properties, and minimal texture top-coat, this product will thoroughly protect your car while making it gorgeous and glossy.

PPF Is Worth It

From protecting your paint to boosting your car’s resale value, PPF is definitely an investment worth making. Your vehicle will always look like sheer perfection, both on and off the road. Contact us today to get started!

Tyler O'Hara

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