Pre-Cut vs Hand-Cut PPF Installation: What You Need to Know

Do you want to preserve your car’s paint for the long haul? If so, XPEL paint protection film (PPF) could be the perfect solution for you.

XPEL PPF, also known as a clear bra, is an invisible elastomeric polyurethane film that protects your automotive paint from light scratches, chips, and swirl marks. It also prevents fading from UV ray exposure and protects your car from corrosive materials such as acid rain and road salt.

When you book your PPF installation appointment, you will probably have the option of choosing either hand-cut or pre-cut paint protection film. But which is the better choice for you?

The highly-skilled PPF specialists at American Wrap Company are always happy to help. To help you make the best choice for your needs, here is everything you need to know about pre-cut vs hand-cut PPF installations.


What is Pre-Cut PPF Installation?

As its name suggests, pre-cut PPF comes in a ready-to-cut patterns from the manufacturer. Pre-cut paint protection film kits are great for popular makes and models that have similar body shapes. Additionally, pre-cut patterns are super customizable, allowing them to be seamlessly fitted to all types of panels, body kits, and automotive shapes.

Pre-cut paint protection film benefits you, the customer, and the technicians who install the clear bra. That’s because pre-cut kits eliminate any potential damage that can happen while hand-cutting the film. The film has already been computer-cut, guaranteeing it meets the exact measurements of your vehicle. Pre-cut paint protection film stops at 0.22 cm from the edge of your car’s surfaces. This prevents it from peeling or lifting.   


What is Hand-Cut Paint Protection Film? 

Unlike pre-cut PPF, a hand-cut paint protection film installation requires the technician to cut the film themselves by hand on-site. During the installation process, the technicians will trim the clear bra directly on your vehicle. This helps them achieve a precise, custom fit. Often allowing for greater coverage of body panels. Hand-cut PPF is a great option for vehicles that have unusual shapes or aftermarket parts.

However, hand-cutting PPF is a time-consuming process that demands the utmost skill, patience, and concentration. This leaves little to no room for error. This technique has been perfected over years of experience and instilled in every technician. 

As such, hand-cut paint protection film installations take longer to complete and are more expensive than using pre-cut kits.


Advantages of XPEL Pre-Cut System  

At American Wrap Company, we’re proud to use XPEL pre-cut PPF patterns. Some of the top advantages of using pre-cut XPEL PPF kits include:

  • Reduced installation time by up to 30% compared to hand-cut methods
  • Increases the precision of the installation for maximized results
  • The pre-cut paint protection film kits can fit most makes and models
  • Pre-cut PPF is easy to customize


Factors to Consider When Choosing Pre-Cut vs Hand-Cut PPF

Ask yourself the following questions when considering if pre-cut or hand-cut PPF is right for you.

  • Are there pre-cut kits that are available for my vehicle’s make and model?
  • Can pre-cut PPF effectively protect my aftermarket body panels or spoiler?
  • Will my car’s unusual shape need hand-cut paint protection film?


At American Wrap Company, Perfection is the Only Option

If you want your pre-cut PPF installation done right the first time around, bring your car to American Wrap Company. We’ll treat your vehicle with the respect it deserves. With years of thorough training and experience, our talented technicians have the skills, knowledge, and technologies to flawlessly install PPF onto your ride.

To learn more or to schedule your appointment, contact us today at (661) 878-5587.

Tyler O'Hara