Why fully wrapping a vehicle in PPF is a beneficial investment

Let’s face it, cars are expensive and not getting any cheaper! Many of us buy cars with the expectations of having them for a long time. Everyone in my family has owned their vehicles for over 5 years. New car buyers have no problem buying extended warranties, GAP insurance, and service plans but why is a product that costs a fraction such as PPF a taboo thing when its truly one of the most beneficial things you can do to preserve a vehicle’s appearance. Everyone loves the way a new car looks and usually tries hard to keep it looking good for a little while at least. Now let me ask you this, why wouldn’t you wrap your whole car in PPF? PPF is the ONLY product on the market that completely eliminates the risks of normal wear and tear, swirls in the paint and UV damage.

What is Considered Normal “Wear and Tear” for PPF?

I want to elaborate a little on what is considered normal “wear and tear”. Often times other PPF installation companies pitch PPF as an impermeable force field for your paint. XPEL paint protection film is impact-resistant from a .75” diameter object at 140 miles per hour! For only being 8mils thick and almost completely transparent that is very impressive! The engineering that has gone into XPEL Ultimate Plus is the result of over 15 years of experience manufacturing film! Again self-healing prevents swirls and chemical burns but once the actual integrity of the film is compromised the piece will need to be replaced. Some companies pitch self-healing as if gouges in the film will heal. This is not the case with any manufactures PPF!

Will PPF Protect Your Car from Key Damage?

I have also seen PPF withstand key damage from a disgruntled patron trying to key a customers car on more than one occasion. In one particular case upon removal, I could tell that the perpetrator was really using force at the end and the PPF completely saved the paint from all key damage! Had the car not been fully wrapped in PPF the owner would have been looking at thousands in paintwork!

Will PPF Protect Your Car from Swirls Caused by Automated Car Washes?

XPEL is also extremely swirl resistant because of its self-healing coating. This means automated car washes and improper wash techniques will not swirl the surface of your vehicle when fully wrapped in XPEL by American Wrap Co! Swirls on dark colored cars are a thing of the past with a full-body PPF wrap.

Will PPF Protect Your Car from Door Dings and Dents?

Another really common thing is door dings and dents. When a vehicle is fully wrapped in PPF a common door ding will be easily repaired by a paintless dent repair technician with no paint damage. I have personally dented my vehicles and was very thankful I fully wrapped them because I had my PDR technician pop the dent out with the PPF intact and it was like the incident never happened.

In conclusion, as you can see there are many advantages to fully wrapping your new vehicle in PPF. Paint protection film blocks harmful UV rays that fade paint, prevents most rock chips and scratches, door dings and dents won’t scratch the paint and swirls on dark cars are a thing of the past thanks to self-healing! Protect your car today with XPEL by American Wrap Co and keep your new baby looking sharp for years to come!!

This is a Tesla Model 3 that we full car wrapped in XPEL Stealth. It was keyed on the passenger side 1/4 panel. The insurance adjuster was doubtful that the paint was saved so we trimmed out around the keyed area to prove the paint was totally saved.

Tyler O'Hara